Fibre Broadband comes to Wormingford! 

BT Openreach website has been updated to a ‘ready’ status and is accepting orders for those who want to order  a Fibre Broadband service.

The following website address will check your postcode and line of address to confirm if the service is available to your property.

The Fibre Broadband is available at two different speeds, up to 55Mb and up to 76Mb with various packages available based on speed and data usage and these are available from a wide selection of different Service Providers.

The further you are away from the fibre cabinet at the junction of Main Road / Church Road the lower the speed that you will receive. As a very rough guide, if you are with a quarter of a mile from the cabinet you should get 40Mb plus and then it drops as you get further away to 30Mb at half a mile and 20Mb at three quarters of a mile.

Even so, this is still a vast improvement over the existing copper broadband which was at best 2Mb. Link below is a chart showing the change of speed for a Broadband connection that is three quarters of a mile from the cabinet. For the Fibre Broadband stats, look at the figures in the ‘Latest’ column.

Cllr Andy Boyce, Broadband Champion for Wormingford.