Fibre Broadband

We now have 2 types of Fibre Broadband available at Wormingford.

Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC)

The first is supplied through the BT network and is a ‘Fibre to the Cabinet’ service. This means that the Broadband service is provided along an existing copper cable from the Cabinet to your property.

Depending on how far you are away from the Cabinet will affect the broadband speed.

If you are very close (within ¼ of a mile) to the Cabinet then you could expect to receive up to 80Mb download and up to 20Mb upload. If you are further away, then the speed will drop away commensurate with the distance.

There are a range of Broadband Service Providers that you can choose from for this service.

Fibre to the Premises (FTTP, also called ‘Real Broadband’)

Fibre to the premises has become more recently available and can be ordered from 2 companies at present, County Broadband and Gigaclear.

You will need to check if the service is actually available now or if it is still being constructed and you are placing a ‘pre-order’.

As it’s name suggests this service is Fibre Broadband all the way to your property and whatever speed service you order that is the speed you should receive both for download and upload of data. Services generally start at 40Mb minimum and can be as much as 1000Mb.

Also with the ’FTTP’ service you might find that you have to change your existing telephones and any other services that are connected such as alarm systems or care lines.

Cllr Andy Boyce, Broadband Champion for Wormingford.

Updated 18/06/2022